5 things you need to know about 3D printing

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If you’ve found this blog during your first searches into the world of 3D printing, welcome. You’re on your way to learning more about this exciting technology and delving deeper into what 3D printing can do for you. This blog is designed to act as your springboard into the world of 3D printing by giving you insight into some of the most important things you need to know about this technology.

Ready to learn more? Great. Then let’s begin.

Here are five things you need to know about 3D printing.

  1. It’s older than you think. You may have just started hearing about 3D printing but the technology dates all the way back to the 1980s. Lasers were used to trace the desired pattern and when the tracing was done, the project was submerged in liquid polymer.
  2. You can print almost anything. 3D printing draws lots of attention for its use in engineering and in creating medical solutions but it can be used to print almost anything. All you need is a tangible model and a 3D printer can often replicate it.
  3. 3D printing cuts waste. The difference between making something from something and making something into something may seem trivial but it has a big impact when it comes to waste. 3D printing uses the latter meaning only material sufficient to create the project is used and your not creating your finished project from a larger raw material. That difference means there is little-to-no waste.
  4. 3D printing expands your options. In the past you were bound to choose from the products companies offered. No longer. 3D printing allows you to go out and create that perfect part, project or piece to match your needs. Frequent printers find this most satisfying and innovators use the technology to create the parts they need for things that haven’t even been invented yet.
  5. Getting started is easy. You don’t have to have a Master’s in engineering to start your own project, you just have to have an idea and a model. We’ll take it from there. Once you’ve created your own concept, fill out our easy-order form and we’ll match your job with a talented 3D printer that can bring your project to life. The finished product will be delivered to your door, ready for you to enjoy.

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