Where Does the 3D Printing Ecosystem Stand Today?

How much do you think the average person knows about 3D printing? The answer might surprise you. The public’s understanding of 3D printing has grown as the industry continues to earn major news coverage and 3D printing is also gaining popularity with the world’s largest brands as well.   But while this exposure increases the general public’s awareness of 3D[…]

Is a 3D Printed Transmission Right for You?

3D printed transmission for a Toyota 22RE engine In today’s blog we wanted to take a moment to highlight the latest creation of Santa Cruz, California’s own, Eric Harrell who has reverse-engineered a Toyota 22RE. It’s a unique feat that Thingaverse users and the national media were very certainly enamored with. Since his creation, it appears imitation is[…]

Engineering Degrees Using 3D Printing

Engineers have always pushed the envelope when it comes to design and solving problems. But new technology is helping them reshape that envelope instead. With 3D printing engineers have the ability to test designs more quickly without prolonged waiting for casting or machining. 3D printing also expands an engineer’s material options, allowing him or her[…]

The Future of Organ Donation…3D Printing?

The future of organ donation is 3D printing. Jenny Morber a freelance science writer took an amazing look at how Organovo, amongst others, is leading the charge to change the organ donation landscape. Veterans of 3D printing know firsthand the amazing feeling of seeing their creation come to life. But now imagine the feeling that comes with watching your 3D-printed creation actually save a[…]