3D Printing Brings You the Best Gear for Your Games in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games is taking the galaxy by storm. Whether you command the noble Rebellion, the evil Empire or slink around the table with Scum and Villainy, this game is delighting gamers everywhere.

To compete for control of the galaxy you need the beautiful miniatures created by Fantasy Flight Games and you also need all of the associated dice and tokens that chronicle your wartime efforts. But as the battle intensifies and more ships are added to the conflict, it gets easy to lose those tokens into hyperspace.

And that’s where 3D printing can help. This handy token holder was designed by Matt Terry and it’s the perfect accessory when you’re looking to bring order to a galaxy full of chaos. Matt’s efficient model has six slots perfectly designed to hold the game’s essential tokens, allowing you to draw the one you need – or you’re forced to place – when the moment calls for it.

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If you’re looking to bring balance to the force in your favorite space battles Print a Thing can help you get your own copy of Matt’s amazing design. Contact us today or follow the steps on this form to place your order and bring your own token holder out of hyperspace and onto your tabletop. This is a must have gaming accessory and best of all, you don’t need the force to bring it to life. All it takes is 3D printing.