Kayak is Expanding our Opinion of What’s Possible with 3D Printing

At Print a Thing we always say “What would you like to make today?” because we firmly believe that anything is possible with 3D printing and that this technology can take your dreams to a whole other level. Jim, at Grass Roots Engineering, is taking that idea one step further by using 3D printing to literally transport himself thanks to his own 3D printed kayak.

The vessel, which Jim says cost him about $500 to make, is 16.5 feet long and made from ABS plastic, screws, a little caulk and a handful of inserts. It’s a colorful design that incorporates 28 different 3D printed sections, which are connected by thermoplastic brass inserts, and most importantly, it floats. Jim says he’s already traveled around in it several times. You can even see pictures of him doing so in his blog here.

In order to tackle such a large project and prevent warping and cracking, Jim had to make a few modifications to his 3D printer. You can learn more about those modifications here. The finished product features a hull that is 6mm thick and includes a complete ribbing structure for added strength and stability. There are even points where handles, cameras or other items can be added at a later date. You can learn more about all of the exact measurements of the kayak on the Grass Roots Engineering blog. Great work Jim! Your kayak is certainly one of a kind.

So what would you like to make today? Whatever it is, 3D printing can help you do it. Every single time we think we understand the boundaries of this amazing technology people like Jim come along and completely reopen the realm of what 3D printing is capable of doing. So start your planning, expand your horizons and determine the answer for yourself.

“What would you like to make today?” 3D printing and Print a Thing can help.