See how your 3D Printer is Helping Grow the Board Game Industry

With all the digital innovations taking our lives by storm, it’s good to know there’s still some fun out there that doesn’t require a picture screen. Board games are bigger than ever and we’re not talking about the old classics like Battleship, Sorry and Risk. Those games are as outdated as the prices in Monopoly. Though we wouldn’t mind paying $60 for rent.

Today’s board games have evolved to meet the demands of new generation and modern classics include titles such as Five Tribes, Caverna, The Settlers of Catan and deckbuilders like Dominion. Each is a challenging game that rewards strategy over luck and as such, titles like these becoming more and more popular with adults and children alike.

In addition to more in-depth strategy, modern board games also offer beautiful components and, as such, are well-cared for by their owners – who aren’t afraid to spend a little extra money to create that perfect gaming experience.

And that’s where 3D printing comes in.

The recent surge in the popularity of board games has also seen gamers across the world use their 3D printers to create the perfect accessories, like this handy token holder for Fantasy Flight Games’ amazingly popular X-Wing Miniatures Game. The holder, designed by Matt Terry, is perfect for any game session, bringing chaos to this epic galactic struggle. Terry was kind enough to share his design so other gamers could use it as well and that got us thinking: Are there other game component designs out there that 3D printers would like to share?

We want to hear from you, as a gamer or a 3D printer, what other gaming concepts have you created that you would like to share with the gaming community? Contact us today to let us know more about your design and we can feature it on our website to be enjoyed by gamers everywhere.

Because in our modern digital age, there’s still nothing better than a traditional helping hand.