Get inspired by learning more about what 3D printing can do

Woman Modeling For Blue 3d Printed Shoes

We started Print a Thing by asking a simple question: “What would you like to make today?” The world of 3D printing is wonderfully diverse and this technology has the amazing ability to bring projects to life. Best of all, 3D printing opens doors for people to create in ways they would not otherwise be able to without access to commercial manufacturing facilities.

So what would you like to make today?

If you’re trying to answer that question, it helps if you understand the things that this technology can do. Hint, it’s more than you think. 3D printing isn’t only for complex engineering projects or to support advances in medicine. Though it is constantly used for breakthroughs in both of those fields. In truth 3D printing is active in several different areas and you can use it as well.

If you’re looking to better understand the projects you can create with 3D printing, our Get Inspired page is a great place to start. Click here and you’ll see some of our favorite projects that people like you have created using 3D printing. Candle holders, holiday decorations and props from your favorite movies, you can make any of these things with a desire and the right technology.

It all starts with your idea. Think about that thing you’ve always wanted – 3D printing can help you create it. Once you’ve finalized your concept with a 3D model of the item you want, place your order with us and we’ll find the best 3D printer to deliver your project. The project is printed and the finished product is delivered to your door hassle free. And that’s it. Suddenly that item you’ve always wanted is now the item you’re so glad to have. It’s that easy.

So… what would like to make today?