So here’s how it works...

Step 1:
Make or find a 3D model
of the item you want.

Step 2:
Build your order by picking
quality, priority, material, and color.

Step 3:
We match you up
with the best printer based on your needs.

Step 4:
Your print is delivered
to your doorstep hassle free.

Have a 3D Printer?
Maximize it & make some money!

You probably bought a 3D printer because you are creative and you love new technology, but you are finding that your printer is unused most of the time. You can change that, share your passion with a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and creators and make money along the way.

At Print a Thing we are on a mission to democratize 3D printing and make it available to everyone. Join us and turn your printer and your passion into a money making business. We do all the calculations for you. All you have to do is select the job you want from a list of jobs and follow our instructions on how to print and mail the items.

Become a Supplier!

Our Philosophy.

We want to change the world for the better through technology, and we see democratized 3d printing as a way to do it. When anyone can make completely unique physical objects at a reasonable price, without having the money or technical skills to own and operate a 3d printer of their own, a whole new creative energy will be released throughout the world. We built Print a Thing in the hopes that it would be a positive force for startups, do-it-yourselfers and creative spirits everywhere.