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Do you have a 3D design but no printer? Don’t worry, Print a Thing has you covered. We offer a variety of 3D printing materials and services, shipping to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

How it works:

1. Upload your STL 3D file.
2. Select material type, color, infill, and quantity.
3. Get an instant quote.
4. Make your purchase
5. Wait a few days and receive your item in the mail. We have a 14 day shipping guarantee, but 95% of our orders in Cheyenne WY arrive within 7 days of ordering.

Photo by jeanbaptisteparis / CC BY

Our machines in Cheyenne:

FFF/FDM printer
PET, Opaque, Black
PET, Opaque, Orange
PLA, Opaque, Black
PLA, Opaque, Green
PLA, Opaque, Metal-Filled, Silver
PLA, Opaque, Silver
PLA, Opaque, White