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Do you have a 3D design but no printer? Don’t worry, Print a Thing has you covered. We offer a variety of 3D printing materials and services, shipping to Des Moines, Iowa.

How it works:

1. Upload your STL 3D file.
2. Select material type, color, infill, and quantity.
3. Get an instant quote.
4. Make your purchase
5. Wait a few days and receive your item in the mail. We have a 14 day shipping guarantee, but 95% of our orders in Des Moines IA arrive within 7 days of ordering.

Photo by jeanbaptisteparis / CC BY

Our machines in Des Moines:

FFF/FDM printer
ender 3 pro
PLA, Opaque, Black
PLA, Opaque, Orange
FFF/FDM printer
Delta Kossel
PLA, Opaque, Black
PLA, Opaque, Blue
PLA, Opaque, Green
PLA, Opaque, Orange
PLA, Opaque, Pink
PLA, Opaque, Purple
PLA, Opaque, Red
PLA, Opaque, White
PLA, Opaque, Yellow
SLA printer
Resin, Standard, Opaque, Black
Resin, Standard, Opaque, Blue
Resin, Standard, Opaque, Green
Resin, Standard, Opaque, Grey
Resin, Standard, Opaque, Orange
Resin, Standard, Opaque, Red
Resin, Standard, Opaque, White
Resin, Standard, Opaque, Yellow
Resin, Standard, Translucent, Black
Resin, Standard, Translucent, Blue
Resin, Standard, Translucent, Clear
Resin, Standard, Translucent, Green
Resin, Standard, Translucent, Grey
Resin, Standard, Translucent, Orange
Resin, Standard, Translucent, Red
Resin, Standard, Translucent, White
Resin, Standard, Translucent, Yellow
FFF/FDM printer
Ender 3
ABS, Opaque, Black
ABS, Opaque, Blue
ABS, Opaque, Bronze (not filled)
ABS, Opaque, Brown
ABS, Opaque, Carbon Fiber, Black
ABS, Opaque, Glow-In-The-Dark, Blue
ABS, Opaque, Glow-In-The-Dark, Green
ABS, Opaque, Glow-In-The-Dark, Orange
ABS, Opaque, Glow-In-The-Dark, Pink
ABS, Opaque, Glow-In-The-Dark, Red
ABS, Opaque, Gray
ABS, Opaque, Green
ABS, Opaque, Off-White (Natural)
ABS, Opaque, Orange
ABS, Opaque, Pink
ABS, Opaque, Purple
ABS, Opaque, Red
ABS, Opaque, Silver
ABS, Opaque, White
ABS, Opaque, Yellow
ABS, Translucent, Clear
Ninjaflex, Opaque, Black
Ninjaflex, Opaque, Blue
Ninjaflex, Opaque, Brown
Ninjaflex, Opaque, Gold
Ninjaflex, Opaque, Gray
Ninjaflex, Opaque, Green
Ninjaflex, Opaque, Orange
Ninjaflex, Opaque, Pink
Ninjaflex, Opaque, Purple
Ninjaflex, Opaque, Red
Ninjaflex, Opaque, Silver
Ninjaflex, Opaque, White
Ninjaflex, Opaque, Yellow
Ninjaflex, Translucent, Clear
PET, Opaque, Black
PET, Opaque, Blue
PET, Opaque, Brown
PET, Opaque, Gold
PET, Opaque, Gray
PET, Opaque, Green
PET, Opaque, Orange
PET, Opaque, Pink
PET, Opaque, Purple
PET, Opaque, Red
PET, Opaque, Silver
PET, Opaque, White
PET, Opaque, Yellow
PLA, Opaque, Black
PLA, Opaque, Blue
PLA, Opaque, Brown
PLA, Opaque, Flexible, Black
PLA, Opaque, Flexible, Blue
PLA, Opaque, Flexible, Brown
PLA, Opaque, Flexible, Gold
PLA, Opaque, Flexible, Gray
PLA, Opaque, Flexible, Green
PLA, Opaque, Flexible, Orange
PLA, Opaque, Flexible, Pink
PLA, Opaque, Flexible, Purple
PLA, Opaque, Flexible, Red
PLA, Opaque, Flexible, Silver
PLA, Opaque, Flexible, White
PLA, Opaque, Flexible, Yellow
PLA, Opaque, Glow-In-The-Dark, Blue
PLA, Opaque, Glow-In-The-Dark, Green
PLA, Opaque, Glow-In-The-Dark, Orange
PLA, Opaque, Glow-In-The-Dark, Pink
PLA, Opaque, Glow-In-The-Dark, Red
PLA, Opaque, Gold
PLA, Opaque, Gray
PLA, Opaque, Green
PLA, Opaque, Orange
PLA, Opaque, Pink
PLA, Opaque, Purple
PLA, Opaque, Red
PLA, Opaque, Silver
PLA, Opaque, White
PLA, Opaque, Wood, Bamboo
PLA, Opaque, Wood, Cherry
PLA, Opaque, Wood, Coconut
PLA, Opaque, Wood, Dark
PLA, Opaque, Wood, Light
PLA, Opaque, Yellow
PLA, Translucent, Black
PLA, Translucent, Blue
PLA, Translucent, Brown
PLA, Translucent, Clear
PLA, Translucent, Gray
PLA, Translucent, Green
PLA, Translucent, Orange
PLA, Translucent, Pink
PLA, Translucent, Purple
PLA, Translucent, Red
PLA, Translucent, White
PLA, Translucent, Yellow